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Supreme Court: Your Facebook Threats Arent Necessarily Real Threats Citing rap lyrics, the nations highest court ruled a death threat on a Facebook wall might not legally be considered oneSupreme Court: Online Threats Aren't a Crime Unless You Really Meant It. In a closely watched decision that weighs the protection of free speech against protecting people from online abuse, the Supreme Court today ruled in favor of people being scary dicks on the internet. The Court overturned the conviction of a Pennsylvania man, Anthony Elonis, facebook threats illegal

On Monday, June 16, 2014, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments stemming from, and considering, threatening comments made on social media sites such as Facebook and whether or

Jun 01, 2015 Facebook Threats Aren't Criminal Unless Intentional, Supreme Court Rules. The decision by Chief Justice John Roberts in in Elonis v. U. S. raises the bar for prosecutors seeking to enforce laws against online threats, although the court made it clear they can still win a conviction by showing the writer intended to hurt a specific individual. Elonis, who's from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, was convicted of violating a federal law that makes it a crime to threaten another person. In a farreaching case that probes the limits of free speech over the Internet, the Supreme Court on Monday was to consider whether Elonis' Facebook posts,facebook threats illegal Facebook posts that threaten to harm or kill someone may stray into the criminal intent arena, which would bring the police to your door. In the case of Facebook threats, a man named Anthony Elonis was ruled to have crossed the line by two federal courts when he made threats to

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Dec 01, 2014  Elonis was indicted on five counts of interstate communication of illegal threats. At his trial, he acknowledged that his verse had some of the same violent themes as rap songs, but argued that he had said explicitly on his Facebook page that he was only exercising his facebook threats illegal Facebook Threats Could Get You Arrested By Le Trinh, Esq. on April 30, 2015 12: 56 PM Thanks to the Google School of Law, people seem to think that the First Amendment protection on free speech allows them to say any nasty thing they want. Hi. . My friend is receiving threat messages on facebook. Is there anyway to complain about this to facebook directly. Someone whom we can talk to and explain the issue. Can You Make Death Threats on Facebook? The Supreme Court Will Decide extremely illegal, to go on Facebook and say will set the precedent for how juries decide which threats are illegal Threats made over Facebook are not illegal unless intentionally malevolent, court rules. Elonis' case offered a perfect test. After his wife, Tara, left him and took their two children, he lost his job at an Allentown, Pa. , amusement park and began a series of dark posts containing explicit references to violence against his wife, coworkers, kindergartners, police and the FBI.

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