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2020-02-19 04:27

Hello, I have been using Firefox for several years and until about a week or so ago it always kept me logged when I wanted it to. However, all of a sudden it won't do that for my yahoo account. I have the keep me signed in check box checked and I have white listedNov 29, 2011  I never want facebook to keep me or anyone else logged in on my computer. Is there a way to prevent it from doing that from firefox? Or at least to make the option disabled on the login screen? And PLEASE don't be captain obvious with Uncheck the button that says keep me logged in keep me logged in facebook firefox

Heres how to make sure you get logged out of your account when you finish using Facebook. Go to the top right menu and select Log Out like this: To make sure no cookies were left, you can follow these steps if youre using the Firefox web browser: 1. Stay on the login page and then rightclick.

Sep 22, 2011 Facebook is keeping me logged in even after i close the browser (Firefox ). and yes the option to keep me logged in is NOT selected. Any ideas? EDIT: just found out that the problem is not Facebook, but Firefox. I've seen a couple of small mentions about this but no real answer. The Keep me logged in check box seems to be gone. I've tried browsers (Edge and Firefox) from which I've never logged into Facebook before (just to make sure it wasn't cookierelated).keep me logged in facebook firefox firefox is able to keep different cookie settings on a persite basis. those probably got cleared when you forgot the history about facebook. you can inspect the current permissions while you're on a site when you rightclick it, go to view page info permissions. if you haven't changed that yourself intentionally, then i also don't really

Keep me logged in facebook firefox free

I clicked on keep me logged in but yet I have to reenter my email address and password each time I want to go into facebook Asked about 6 years ago by Debbie 275 votes 140 followers keep me logged in facebook firefox Finally got this to work on Chrome. Had to clear existing Facebook cookies manually before it wold work. I can't seem to get it working in Firefox though. The options are different but I set it to allow only for the session, but it still keeps me logged in. I think making Incognito default for Facebook is going to have to be the only real answer.

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