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Jun 11, 2012 I have been suffering from chronic post nasal drip and all of it's horrible consequences for the past couple of years. Being a 14 year old girl, I feel like I am dealing with a more serious sinus condition than most teenagers will experience. The ABSOLUTE# 1 problem of mine is the BAD BREATH. However, I will listUnless treated appropriately post nasal drip may lead to chronic cough andor chronic sore throat. Post nasal drip is one of the causative factors for halitosis or bad breath. What are the functions of nose? Nose is responsible for warming, moisturizing (humidifying) and cleaning of air we inhale. Nose is also responsible for smell sense. post nasal drip bad breath forum

Oct 18, 2017 In most cases, the thicker the mucus, the more bacteria that is present to cause the bad breath, but those who experience thinner mucus secretions can also have bad breath as a result. If you have postnasal drip, you want to avoid dairy products because this can cause your mucus secretions to be thicker and better able to harbor bacteria.

Feb 22, 2010 I've had a similar problem although I was lucky only to have the bad breath for a short while. I had a camera examination at the ent clinic and was told I had post nasal drip. the docor told me I couild be on a nasal spray for the rest of my life but I have decided to try an old Yoga technique call a Neti pot, a small teapot with a phalic looking spout for giving your self a mild saline nasal Post nasal drip bad breath can cause bad taste and is associated with chronic nasal infection. Well, surprisingly, many common causes of post nasal drip bad breath that have nothing to do with your oral health or hygiene. One of the culprits is postnasal drip, caused by a blocked nasal drip bad breath forum How can the answer be improved?

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I have been suffering from Post Nasal Drip for several years now. My physician told me there is nothing that can be done! (I can't believe this is true. ) I do get a scratching in my throat, even when not having anything to eat, and it makes me cough. I had an XRay of the throat which showed nothing abnormal. post nasal drip bad breath forum Re: odour coming from sebum in nose pores, please HELP by# 12 years ago Sounds like you have post nasal drip that would explain the nose and bad taste in your mouth. Jun 01, 2012 Postnasal drip usually isn't related to bad breath. Instead, bad breath most often results from the breakdown of food in your mouth, bacteria in the tissues of your mouth or tonsils, dental problems, dry mouth or, rarely, an underlying disease. It is possible that your bad breath could be a result of a sinus problem, such as an infection. How to Stop Bad Breath Caused By Post Nasal Drip By Nichole Cheroke, RDH, BS, AS Postnasal drip is a common condition that occurs when excess mucus builds up in the throat and nose. The most common causes of postnasal drip are rhinitis (allergic or nonallergic) and sinusitis (acute or chronic). There is a key connection between postnasal drip and bad breath (halitosis). The back of the tongue, which actually resides in the throat, is home to anaerobic bacteria responsible for bad breath.

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