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This is a subreddit autofilled with The Verge RSS (Tech) Feed. created by Quesabyte a community for 10 months. message the moderators. MODERATORS.Whats in your bag? is a recurring feature where we ask people to tell us a bit more about their everyday gadgets by opening their bags and hearts to us. This week, were featuring tech YouTuber MKBHD. . Marques Brownlees tech videos are known for their sharp and polished look, and that extends to Brownlee and his studio, too. what's in your bag verge forums

Show us what's in your bag. irstudyblr: . I finally got around to taking whats in my school bag photos slow clap. So, without further ado, this is what is in my (very large, very heavy) school bag on a typical class followed by studying at the library day:

Oct 08, 2004  photos of the contents of your bag. (extra points given for used tissues. ) Here's the Guidelines. The ideal whats in your bag photo will have mainly the contents of your bag spread out and the bag itself with notes. Lots and lots of notes. So simple. (You would think. ) What it wont have is: 1. More photographic equipment than anything else (AKA PESO Photographic Equipment Show May 18, 2012  What's in your bag is a series which opens up the backpacks and rucksacks of The Verge staff and our favorite people for all to see. Admit it, you desperately want towhat's in your bag verge forums Dec 29, 2006 As for my bag it's pretty boring. My coach cosmetic case, coach mini skinny, ipod w case, perfume, LV checkbook& keysthat's what I carry everyday. On weekends when I go on long shopping excursions I bring an extra pair of undies (for sonpottytraining), camera, pads (for that time of the month), & whatever little things I may purchase while I'm out& about.

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Whats in your bag The Verge here is a list of all the what's in your bag posts on theverge. com this is really what inspired this subreddit to begin with (theverge. com) submitted 6 years ago by ShipleyBronuts what's in your bag verge forums Whats in your bag, Marques Brownlee? The VergeThe tech MKBHD is bringing to CES 2019 The VergeView full coverage on Google News Dec 31, 2017 The Verge has a series, What's In Your Bag. They basically go through all their staffs' daily carry bags and talk about what they carry. Some of those bags are definitely not up to our standards. But seeing what they all have is kind of interesting. Being fascinated by stranger's bags and what's in them weird behavior, right? What people choose to carry with them every day can say a lot about a person. This was the founding idea behind the Whats in your bag? interview series. So whether its Verge staff, musicians Page 1 of 2 What's in your bag? posted in Secondary: With all the time that I have been spending at the pistol range lately it got me wondering what I should have in my range bag that I dont. Aside from guns, ammo, eye protection& hearing protection what do you carry in your bag when you go? And why?

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